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cord ips

CORD iPS is a biotechnology company that combines modern medicine, science, and technology in order to make innovative products and services available in Serbia and customized for each client.

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Driven by the experience of the largest biomedical centers for the cryopreservation of stem cells Vita 34 and Seracell from Germany, unlocking the power of the whole genome by cooperating with Illumina, and collaborating with Novogenia from Austria, we enable high-tech medical services and products to be widely available in Serbia.

We made it possible for clients to invest in the future health of their child in the right and safest way.


Karađorđeva 89
11000 Belgrade Serbia
+381 11 414 65 65

Novi Sad

Fruškogorska 24
21000 Novi Sad Serbia
+381 21 31 01 333


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